Season 8: Where To Next?

We’re just about ending our Baba Yaga run soon and are ready to hear what YOU guys think our next topic should be! Little info about each topic below so you can get a decent idea of what we could talk about if you do vote on them.

Don’t Go Into the Woods – A lot of fairy tales tend to take place in the woods, and there’s no denying that the place is truly magical. We’ll be discussing a few fairy tales, fairy tale-inspired stories, and generally, just tales where the forest is not only a major setting, but becomes a certain kind of character on its own right.

Impossible Tasks – What is it with the fae folk and their really high expectations on humans? But seriously, though, this topic will deal with discussing the types of impossible missions heroes and heroines go through to achieve an impossible dream. Or, you know, to stay alive long enough to overthrow a population or save a loved one, I suppose.

Hades and Persephone – Our podcast mission was never limited to fairy tales, but this is definitely the first time we at Fableulous Retellings are entertaining the idea of finally branching out of fairyland for a bit and entering the world of myths! This topic is self-explanatory and does focus on one type of mythological tale, but we’re sure to find different aspects of this in other cultural mythologies as well.

Other – And of course, don’t be afraid to suggest something to us! Who knows, we may use it on a future set of episodes.

Vote below and let us know!


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