Fableulous Retellings Podcast is the creation of two friends who adore books and various forms of pop culture. Because of their similar love of YA books–and burgeoning exploration of NA books–and fairy tales, they decided it would probably be a good idea to channel their passion into a podcast. At least now they have good reason to talk some more about fairy tale retellings.

They are also rather fabulous.


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19755897_10103055972343953_366225001_nHello! My name is Meghan. I work in aviation insurance during the day and am a superhero at night. What? Isn’t everyone in New York running around in a cape? Okay, so instead, I balance my nights with my three loves: reading, editing podcasts, and writing what I can. I host two other podcasts — Judging Book Covers Podcast and Anything But Haggis Podcast, and when Mari guested on my first podcast, I realized I wanted to spend hours of my time chatting with her about fairy tales. Plus it’s my life goal to run a book based podcast empire!


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Hi, I’m Mari. I am a teacher by day (on most days) and a science fiction and fantasy (SFF) reader by night. I also write a bit, so you might have seen me around if you’re into short stories and a couple of SFF anthologies. If you haven’t realized by now, I am very into fairy tales and fairy tale retellings, to a point where I probably should get college credit for talking about folklore so darn much. Alas, academia is far behind me (for now), and you’ll just get to be entertained by my feels and opinions via podcast, book reviews, and through geeky baking antics.