Season 3: Which Retelling Next?

Season 1 is almost done, and we've got Season 2 under way, but now we need YOUR help! What fairy tale retelling should we delve into next? We've got a couple of ideas of where to head to next, but it would be fun to see what you guys want to see us discuss. So… Continue reading Season 3: Which Retelling Next?

Beauty and the Beast

ACOTAR: Which Court Are You?

One of my favorite things while reading A Court of Thorns and Roses was definitely perusing the map included in the book. The best part about fantasies is that a good one tends to have a spectacularly built world, and in the case of the ACOTAR series, it's a terribly cool one. Those fae-denominations are fun and… Continue reading ACOTAR: Which Court Are You?

Beauty and the Beast

10 Beauty and the Beast Retellings to Read

Admit it, there's never enough top ten lists regarding Beauty and the Beast retellings. If you've read and loved the original story, and you've watched those movies, say no more! You totally want to try to read some of these. You really do. Now, I honestly haven't read most of these, and beyond Beauty and A Court of… Continue reading 10 Beauty and the Beast Retellings to Read


10 of the Best Fairy Tales Everyone Should Read

Surprising that Beauty and the Beast is not on this list, since it’s one of the biggest sub-category on the ATU scale, but this is pretty cool!

Interesting Literature

The greatest fairy stories

As G. K. Chesterton remarked, ‘I left fairy stories lying on the floor of the nursery, and I have not found any books so sensible since.’ Angela Carter, who reinvented the fairy tale in her collection The Bloody Chamber, observed that a fairy tale is a story where one king goes to another king to borrow a cup of sugar. The best fairy tales are timeless and yet forever modern, tapping into deeply held and widely shared emotions and moral attitudes. The following constitutes not an exhaustive list of the definitive fairy tales, but rather our attempt to pick the top ten greatest fairy stories. As ever, we welcome your suggestions in the comments for any notable omissions.

‘Puss in Boots’. A classic example of the fairy tale featuring ‘the animal as helper’, ‘Puss in Boots’ entered the canon of classic fairy tales when Charles…

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