The Step-Spinsters by Madina Papadopoulos

Meghan and Mari are back for their anniversary episode! (We don't actually address that in the episode, but Fableulous has officially been going strong for a year!) To celebrate, we read a fairy tale book suggested by its author: The Step-Spinsters! Given the title and description, it definitely seemed like a fit for this season! Disclosure:… Continue reading The Step-Spinsters by Madina Papadopoulos


Bluebeard by Vonnegut?

Meghan and Mari finally catch up for their last episode of the Bluebeard season! We discuss the 1980s Vonnegut book, which is a strange adaptation, to say the least. BUT it does lead to some great discussion of literature and art and how it changes. We also discuss Mari's trip to Paris, where she saw the opera Bluebeard's… Continue reading Bluebeard by Vonnegut?


Crimson Peak

This week we tackle another movie adaptation of Bluebeard! We are joined by Gena Radcliffe of Kill by Kill Podcast! We discuss Crimson Peak, a 2015 gothic horror Del Toro movie that somehow both Mari and I didn't see. And while we thought we had gotten away from the incest....yikes! Follow us on social media, and… Continue reading Crimson Peak


Bluebeard 5: ….Bluebeard?

Mari and Meg get a bit silly this episode, as they take some time from their busy lives to discuss the 2017 Korean film: Bluebeard. Is this film an adaptation? We really try to wrap our heads around this film that tries a little too hard to be smart. And also the ending.....what on earth happens.… Continue reading Bluebeard 5: ….Bluebeard?


Ex Machina

This week Mari and Meg discuss their first Bluebeard movie: Ex Machina! Is it Oscar Isaac's amazing beard that makes it a retelling? (Did you realize that it's Oscar Isaac? Because Mari didn't at first!) We are also joined by our first guest: Tracy Tanoff! There are some slight recording issues roughly 3 minutes in… Continue reading Ex Machina


The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter

This week Mari and Meghan are back to talk about "The Bloody Chamber" by Angela Carter! This story was a blast. Meghan tries to justify Bluebeard's kinks gone wrong (it's abandoned don't worry), we talk about how amazing the mom in this story is, and Vida makes a guest appearance to talk about her favorite… Continue reading The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter