Persephone and Hades

Persephone 3: Wonder Woman?

With the holidays, we definitely got delayed! But we hope you had a good one, as we did. We are continuing with Persephone by discussing the 2009 animated Wonder Woman movie! It's a bit of a...loose adaptation, but we have a good bit of fun discussing it and our favorite things about Wonder Woman. Join us next… Continue reading Persephone 3: Wonder Woman?

Baba Yaga

BabaYaga 6: John Wick

Mari and Meg headed to NYCC, so everything is late ahhh! But that's okay: due to peer pressure, we switched movies to John Wick! Which leads to a long discussion of how this has nothing to do with Baba Yaga. But we wrap up our thoughts on our favorite witch before getting ready for our next… Continue reading BabaYaga 6: John Wick


Ever After

Marilag and Meghan couldn't get their hands on a book (library hold a little longer than expected!) So instead they watched Ever After after a bit of arm twisting. Just kidding ? how could we not love to talk about this movie? We discuss the original step-sister who is now a stepmother, Vida makes a guest… Continue reading Ever After


Ella Enchanted

Continuing with our Step-Sisters theme, Mari and Meg talk about Ella Enchanted, both the book and the movie. We discuss how this is a great feminist book and a ridiculously fun and silly movie, why the differences exist, and also our love for Princess Bride and Cary Elwes! Follow us on social media, and don't forget to rate… Continue reading Ella Enchanted


Bluebeard 5: ….Bluebeard?

Mari and Meg get a bit silly this episode, as they take some time from their busy lives to discuss the 2017 Korean film: Bluebeard. Is this film an adaptation? We really try to wrap our heads around this film that tries a little too hard to be smart. And also the ending.....what on earth happens.… Continue reading Bluebeard 5: ….Bluebeard?


Ex Machina

This week Mari and Meg discuss their first Bluebeard movie: Ex Machina! Is it Oscar Isaac's amazing beard that makes it a retelling? (Did you realize that it's Oscar Isaac? Because Mari didn't at first!) We are also joined by our first guest: Tracy Tanoff! There are some slight recording issues roughly 3 minutes in… Continue reading Ex Machina


Season 3, Episode 5: Peau d’Ane

Mari and Meg watch one of the most bonker movies they have ever seen ? Peau d'Âne, the French 1970 Donkeyskin adaptation! This movie is SURPRISINGLY a musical ? what?! And has such great songs as "Daughters shouldn't marry their fathers." We will also be putting up our poll for season 5 this week ? go… Continue reading Season 3, Episode 5: Peau d’Ane